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Notice on holding a demonstration of practical activities to improve freshmen psychological literacy in 2023
2023-09-01 18:47  

Each school:

In order to help freshmen integrate into college life as soon as possible, successfully complete the role transformation from middle school to university, and improve students' mental health care awareness, the Mental Health Education and Counseling Service Center will hold a demonstration of practical activities to improve freshmen's mental literacy in the campus auditorium。

I. Performance Activities:

1. Interpretation of Drama and film Life "Interpersonal Communication from film and television works" narrator: Yu Zhenhao

2. Psychological drama "New Life" Performer: Poplar Drama Club

3. 14-day positive emotion punch "Dopamine" Happiness New starting point "speaker: Yu Xinyu

4.Chorus "Star Sea" singer: student psychological backbone

Second, specific requirements

1.Please be seated 15 minutes before each performance begins。

2.Due to the large number of spectators, please follow the on-site staff to arrange the designated seats。

3.Please pay attention to keep the auditorium clean, drinks, snacks, etc. are not allowed into the auditorium。

4.After the performance, please leave in an orderly manner so that the staff can prepare for the next performance。

Iii. Schedule:



School of Computer Science (first floor1-16排)

School of Economics and Management (first floorRows 17-26, Rows 1-5 on the second floor of Economic and Trade majors)


Physical Education Institute (First floor west side5-25排)

School of Art (Ground floor middleRow 1-17, Row 1-17 east side)

Faculty of Chemical Engineering (Ground floor middleRows 18-26, East side 18-25, 2nd floor 1-6)



School of Power Transmission and Transformation (middle of the first floorRow 1-14, Row 1-13 on the east side of the first floor)

School of Foreign Languages (First floor west sideRows 5-17, middle15-17Row, east side14-17排)

School of Automation Engineering (First floor west side18- Row 25, center 18- Row 26, east side 18- Row 25, second floor 1-7排)


Faculty of Architectural Engineering (first floor1-23排)

Faculty of Science (first floorRows 24-26, 1st floor 1-5)


Marxist Institute (First floor west side5-12排)

School of Electrical Engineering (Zhixin major in the middle of the first floor1-15排)

School of Energy and Power Engineering (Energy storage major on the east side of the first floorRow 1-14, nuclear power professional in the middle of the first floor 16-26排)

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (First floor east side15- Row 25, west side of first floor 13- Row 25, Row 1-7 on the second floor)



School of Electrical Engineering (other than Zhixin majors) (first floorRow 1-26, 2nd floor row 1-4)


School of Energy and Power Engineering (except energy storage, Nuclear power specialty) (first floor1-26 row, thermal power specialty on the second floor 1-6 row)


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